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A Few Of Our Capabilities

We have regular classes as well as custom training solutions to fit a wide variety of needs


Ruby is a sophisticated language with applications ranging from web development to automated testing. We offer classes in Ruby as a language as well as classes that use Ruby on Rails.


JavaScript’s reach is unstoppable. It is an incredibly versatile language that touches everything from front end to server-side programming. We offer a full range of JavaScript classes to fit any need.

Data Science

Data science is only growing in popularity thanks to a growing need to analyze and create trends from large sources of data. We offer classes that primarily use Python to extract meaning out of data.


Data persistence comes in many forms, and is vital to any application. We offer classes on databases ranging from SQL solutions such as MySQL and PostgreSQL to NoSQL solutions like MongoDB.

Why Choose Us

We develop meaningful custom solutions
Custom doesn't always have to mean "expensive"

In addition to our standard class offerings, we regularly offer custom classes that are not only tailored to your training needs, but are focused on getting your people up to speed and ready for the job at hand.

We have worked to create one-off classes that range from 1 to 5 days, as well as developed long-standing classes that have been implemented for months inside organizations.

Our Team

We have a growing team of industry professionals who are developers as well as instructors
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Arun Sood

Founder and Lead Instructor
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Melody Serra

Lead Instructor

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